Experiential Learning

What is Experiential learning

 Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience. Simply put, Experiential Learning is learning from experience. Read more about Experiential Learning

Experiential Vs Rote 

 Experiential learning is learning through reflection on doing, which is often contrasted with rote or didactic learning. Experiential learning focuses on the learning process for the individual.

Details of our Program


 SSS programme begins in the month of July - August & continues till January - February. On each Sunday, for little over 2 hours, students get together to perform Scientific Activities at a specific location. 

Teaching method

 SSS projects and activities are not directly based on any specific syllabus, however, the topics chosen for this programme are very much a part of regular curriculum during school years. Check our Syllabus for more information.


"Tell me, I will forget,
Show me, I may remember,
Involve me, and I will undersand"